(Another) blog about craft beers and other sensorial pleasures

If there are already blogs on craft beers and gourmet goods, why start out a blog about these topics? Because we are going to do our bit sharing our view in the virtual world. Of course we are not aiming to become THE BEST CRAFT BEER BLOG EVER WRITTEN, neither a GOURMET SUPER BLOG. There are already many blogs around which are doing really good. We are happy just telling our stories. That’s the reason of the chosen name: “The Gourmeteller”

We started an adventure 3 years ago: bring craft beer from Canada to Europe. We realized that the quality of Canadian craft beer was (and is) very high, and that it hardly reached to the eager to meet new flavors of the European palates. It’s been 3 years of extraordinary effort and we’ve met great professionals along, but mainly good people. It happens that the craft beer sector is very friendly. People who work on this are happy. Although we started with craft beers, in our project there is room for all product which delight senses (generally speaking), paying special attention to the good taste.

So it’s now when we are ready enough to tell what we do. Better late than never. We want to dive into the blogosphere so as to share anecdotes, experiences, tricks (and tips), existential doubts and anything which can be interesting on both sides of the Pond.


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