Collective Arts & Nickel Brook

Arts + Science = amazing craft beer


Thanks to our last visit to Canada, we could meet in flesh two breweries which share facilities. It’s about “Arts & Science”, a project to relaunch the facilities of a former brewery (Lakeport Brewing) in partnership with the city council and the port authorities of Hamilton.

“Arts & Science” is formed by Collective Arts  (“ART+BREWING”) and Nickel Brook (“A MIRACLE OF SCIENCE”). Their names, mottos and logos make clear what every brewery contributes to the main project. These facilities not only let them share production lines and space (50,000 square feet), but also it’s about a place to fulfil the whole experience with event zones indoors and outdoors. It’s , in other words, a place which facilitates the synergies between both breweries.

John Romano (Nickel Brook) and Kiran Pandey (OMAFRA) at the brewery
John Romano (Nickel Brook) and Kiran Pandey (OMAFRA)

Nickel Brook was created in 2005 by Better Bitters Brewing Company, a company specialized in selling the stuff to make wine and craft beer at home (“homemade wine” and “homebrewing”). Nickel Brook has a line of products which is bold and high-end. Headstock IPA, Naughty Neighbour APA, Kentucky Bastard, Malevolent are just a few of the clearest samples this brewery put care on every single detail (ingredients, manufacturing, quality control, design…) The key of their success relies on their team, specialised professionals in each one of their areas who love their work. Nickel Brook opened its first factory in Burlington, and thanks to the fast growth in the local market because of its standing, it decided on expanding its activity in the Arts &Science facilities, located in the nearby town of Hamilton.


Jeff Tkachuk and Matt Johnston (Collective Arts brewery)
Jeff Tkachuk and Matt Johnston (Collective Arts brewery)

Collective Arts started out its path two years ago, when Arts & Science was launched. Its business idea is really innovative. They promote art through the socializing power of beer. How? Three times per year they rise calls for artists from music and painting fields introduce their works. After selecting the best creations, the painting works are part of their cans and bottles and the songs can be enjoyed on the Blippar Augmented Reality application. A perfect pairing for all the senses: enjoy a craft beer, listening to a hit and with the delighting of a painting. The experience gets bigger and deeper in the planned events to enjoy exhibitions, gigs and beer. Their versatile labelling and canning lines allow that the cans and bottles design can’t be repeated in the same box.

That’s not all! It’s not just a package. What is inside these cans and bottles meets and exceeds the expectations. Their flagships are not under 95 points at Ratebeer.

More info:

Collective Arts

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